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Some Awkward Notions about Choosing Hotel Management as Career

In our country, most parents want their children to choose a proven conventional career option like a doctor, engineer, professor or management trainee. They usually don't want to go beyond that. They become even scary as it comes to getting admission in a hotel and hospitality management school. They have some common weird notions about this industry. But most of them are absolutely wrong.

Let's have a quick look at some myths about this profession

Hotel Management College in W.B.
  • Not Good for Girls
  • Many people, even the most educated ones believe that hotel management industry is not suitable for the women. If you consider the patriarchal mentality, no job is good for women. By showing this type of mentality even in twenty first century, we are actually trying to let the women lag behind. The fact is hotel and hospitality industry is perhaps best for girls with pleasing personality, good temperament and, good observational, communication and management skills. They are highly appreciated. Latest statistics show that there has been an increase in the number females to hold good designations.

  • Less Industry Growth
  • This is practically ridiculous. This is an industry that is considered to be one of the most flourishing industries in India and across the world. According to the expert economists, hotel and hospitality industry, being a part of tourism industry won't see any downward surge anytime soon. The industry is generating huge job opportunity for the hotel and/or hospitality management graduates and it is expected to do so in the coming years as well. Students from the top Hotel Management College in Kolkata are very likely to bag a great job even from the beginning of their career.

  • Hotel and Hospitality
  • Many people think that hotel management and hospitality management are same. But this is absolutely wrong. Hotel and hospitality are not synonyms. In fact, hotel management is a wing of hospitality industry that also includes casino management, mall and multiplexes management, cruise overseeing, event management and lots more.

  • Lengthy Working Hours
  • This is a 24x7x365 type of job. The industry stays on each hour of each day all around the year. But it is not demanding and hectic instead. It is flexible. It gives the candidates opportunity to work as per their convenience. The industry runs on shifting schedule. The shifts rotate on a regular basis so no pressure is imposed on any employee. Whether you would prefer a regular 9 to 5 duty or a night shift – it all depends on the staff. Hotels usually remain open all the time. So even if they want to opt for a part time job, they can. It may be noted that hotels hire staffs (usually on temporary basis) during peak seasons.

  • Students Work for Free
  • This is simply wrong. Usually any reputed Hotel Management Institute in W.B has their own workspace or hotel where the students need to work on shift. Like many professions that entail public dealing, this industry also requires the students to do some practical training. And these shifting duties are the most integral part of their practical training schedule. This is not free labour. Students having completed this training successfully get good score in the exam and that surely helps them get a better job.

    These are a few things that any aspiring student who wants to pursue a career in hotel management should know and change his/her mentality accordingly.

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