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Busted! Common Myths About Pursuing A Career In Hotel Management

Now that your board exams are fast approaching, are you on the lookout for rewarding career options? Do you think that Engineering, Medicine and Management are the only ones which assure a bright future? It's time you get a reality check!

Gone are those days when students had limited opportunities beyond trade, technology and medical science. Today there are numerous lucrative career options which you may or may not even be aware of, one being Hotel Management.

While some are willing to take up the challenge of venturing into new fields, there are many who become sceptical since they are often discouraged by elders who believe in misconceptions. Instead of ending up with a 9 to 5 job by following the sheep heard, try to make the most out of your career by joining a leading hotel management college in W.B.

Here are a few misconceptions which must be debunked so that students can start preparing for a bright future!

Hotel Management Institute in W.B

Hotel Management College In Kolkata: 4 Misconceptions About Making A Career In The Hotel Industry

  1. Hotel Management Is More Than Just Obtaining Good Scores
  2. Well, it takes a lot more than just marks to undergo a hotel management course. This is because students need to have great skills to be a part of this challenging yet exciting industry. A candidate has to go through a rigorous admission process which includes a written examination and gets followed by a group discussion and personal interview. With hospitality emerging as the fastest growing industry, any student who clears the admission process can make the most of this lucrative career option.

  3. The Industry Does Not Offer Limited Career Options
  4. With a hotel management degree, the sky is the limit for successful candidates since they will not be constrained to the hotel industry. By getting certified from a reputed educational institution, you can enjoy a myriad of exciting career opportunities like-

    • Event manager
    • Accommodation manager
    • Casino manager or cruise manager
    • Culinary manager, cabin crew, flight attendants
    • Tour managers, travel agents

  5. Hotel Management Is A Lot More Than Just Cooking
  6. This can be your biggest misconception as hotel management is much more than just cooking and serving food. From working in the housekeeping department, ensuring smooth operations of the hotel as front-office manager to being an event planner involved in the completion and conception of events, the hospitality industry offers many specialised career paths to candidates.

  7. Establishing A Career In This Industry Is Just like Any Other Career Option
  8. Just like any other industry, you will have to start with petty duties in the beginning. However, with hard work, you can reach higher positions once you have a firm foundation of the business. Moreover, after graduating from a reputed hotel management college in Kolkata, you will have numerous attractive opportunities waiting for you. You will even be eligible to work as a management trainee in the hospitality sector.

Now that you have undergone a quick reality check, what's still holding you back? Start aspiring for a prosperous career in the hotel industry!

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