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Why Hotel Management is a Better Option than Hospitality Management

If you are a resident of India, you must definitely be aware of the term “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means that guest is a manifestation of God. One of the sectors whose complete focus is on taking care of each and every individual visiting India is the Travel and Tourism department. They try to welcome, appreciate, and value their guests in such a manner that they consider returning soon.

Since it is so vital to value our guests, one needs to understand the importance of a relationship between a host and a guest by educating himself or enhancing his knowledge about the hospitality ethics. If you are one of the students willing to become a part of this booming travel and tourism industry you can easily do so by choosing hotel management or hospitality management as your career.

Hotel Management Career

The Basic Difference between Hotel Management & Hospitality Management

Though we use the terms interchangeably, the meaning each of the terms conveys is entirely different. Hotel Management is a specialised field where you have to manage the various operations of a hotel or a lodging-related establishment. A student enrolled in a hotel management institute in W.B to undergo a course in this field will be taught various aspects about how a hotel functions. On the other hand, Hospitality Management encompasses numerous industries and fields like business development, sales, conference management, and events, among others.

Why Is India Booming With Hotel Management Institutes?

Since a career in hotel management has a lot to offer, the number of students showing interest in the field is gradually enhancing. It is a must for them to gather adequate knowledge about all the aspects of Hotel Management by undergoing intense training sessions. This helps them to offer a warm experience to guests during their stay at a hotel. Students can either choose from a diploma or pursue a 3 or 4-year degree course depending on the field they are interested in.

Various Fields of Hotel Management

Every student undergoing a Hotel Management course in India will be taught how to take care of guests from the moment they arrive at a hotel till they check out. The host will be responsible for every activity during their stay. Few of the fields that a student enrolled in the Best Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata can choose from are as follows,
  • Front Desk

    Also known as Reception, the responsibility of the person managing it is to welcome the guest and ensure that all the registration formalities are completed before the ‘Bell Boy’ escorts them to their designated rooms.
  • Travel Desk

    One managing the travel desk will have to coordinate with the guests to schedule their pick-up and drop from station or airport, book all the tickets, and plan excursions during their stay.
  • Housekeeping

    If you are pursuing a Housekeeping course from a Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata, it will be your responsibility to maintain the common areas, guest rooms, lobbies, and the service area.
  • Concierge

    As the guest enters the hotel lobby, there is a desk near the entrance. The responsibility of the person taking care of the Concierge desk is to unload, store, and deliver the luggage of the guests to their designated rooms. When they check out, the baggage is transferred from the room to the guest’s vehicle.
  • Room Service

    This department is responsible for taking the meals to the rooms and collecting the dishes after the guests have completed their meal.
  • Food And Beverage

    It is not only about serving guests in the dining area, but this department is also responsible for managing and maintaining the kitchen space and the dining area.
  • Guest Service

    Someone responsible for Guest Services has to manage all those office services like accessing the computer, scanner or printer. They also have to take care of the conference facilities like the banquet space where meetings and functions are held.
This being said, it’s time you choose a field which interests you the most and enhance your career as a hotel management professional.