As an undergraduate, you would find a number of career options in India to choose from for continuing higher education. Unfortunately, in a country like ours, most students get inclined towards engineering, medical or a couple of higher education courses. And this weird mindset has contributed to unemployment, especially in the technology field. Besides, this deprives young minds from initiating a career in a field of their choice. Hotel and hospitality industry is one of such industries that remained unexplored by the young generation mainly owing to different rumours and wrong notions. Here are 4 of those myths debunked by a leading Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata.

  1. Myth – It’s all about cooking and serving food and drinks

Reality – Cooking and serving food and drinks/beverages is a part of the industry. But it is not all about this. Hotel management programs along with these also include front office field – an essential part for inter-departmental functioning, house-keeping – a department to ensure comfortable and clean living experiences for the guests during their stay and management – the key part to manage the entire thing (from check-in to check-out) smoothly.

  1. Myth – Perfect for pupils who don’t score well in the school

Reality – In our country, it’s not only about hotel management, this taboo is common for almost all higher education programs apart from only a very few ones. No rocket science needs to be learnt in order to bag a successful degree in hotel management. However, a good academic background with a strong foundation is utmost important to build a lucrative career in hotel management industry. Some leading hotel management colleges in West Bengal offer extensive curriculum including accounting, human resource, business communication, marketing, business communication, languages etc. just to aid courses stay savvy to the market. Best Hotel Management College in W.B in fact conducts a strict screening and skeleton procedure as well.

  1. Myth – Hotel management jobs have dissatisfying average pay

Reality – Irrespective of the industry, a graduate must be well trained and gain proper work experience to build a good foundation. They start slowly yet steadily to ascend the career graph – both in terms of post and pay. This fact is common and true to any field. In India, the average pay for a hotel management graduate starts from somewhere between 15 and 20 thousands and the income gradually gets enhanced to even several lakhs depending on their experience. This is a field that requires you to make a robust career and your income will be increased automatically.

  1. Myth – Women are not suitable for hotel management industry

Reality – Considering our male-dominating society, there is hardly any industry good for the women. But the leading Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata just refutes the social stigma. Women with good communication skill and impressive personality, calm temperament with good managerial and observational skill are easily and quickly recognized, appreciated and promoted.

Though not easy, hotel management is something that ensures a well developed career with ample opportunities.