A bar is the ultimate place of relaxation and enjoyment. When you walk into a bar, you find talented and efficient individuals behind the counter who can readily serve you the drink that you’re craving. As the name suggests, the major role of a bartender is to tend to and look after the needs of the customers sitting on the other side of the counter. Whether it is about managing customer mood swings, or ensuring that the drinks are properly mixed, to become a successful bartender, you must have certifications, training and minute knowledge of the job profile.

Undergoing a proper bartender course in Kolkata will help you become a successful bartender and make a lot of money from this flourishing career within the hotel industry. Here are a few qualities that every successful bartender must have.

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What are the Major Qualities of a Bartender?

  • Complete Knowledge of Drinks

Renowned bars generally employ bartenders who have complete knowledge of the drinks they’re serving. They must know about how to mix the same and should be well-versed in making common and uncommon cocktails and mocktails. They must bear in mind that the sole purpose of an individual visiting a bar is to get a taste of a perfectly composed drink. Hence, if a bartender fails to provide that, then the very purpose of appointing a bartender will remain unfulfilled.

  • Ability to Manage All Situations

Good and efficient bartenders must have good situation management skills. Over the counters, they must keep an eye on the movements and behaviour of the customers visiting the bar. Heated arguments, fights and are a few of the common events that take place in a bar. An efficient bartender must know how to handle the same.

  • Cleanliness Skills

Keeping a bar clean and glowing impresses the customers and makes them feel more relaxed. Nobody wants to have a drink in a dirty place. Thus a good bartender is one who constantly cleans the bar and keeps the surroundings clean and well maintained. Keeping a bar tidy also helps the bar attract more customers compared to other bars.

  • Good Memory Skills

Bars generally have repeat customers. Remembering the name of a customer along with their drinking preferences can prove to be an added advantage for when it comes to securing customer loyalty. Moreover, it is likely that visitors would not expect to be treated to their names being remembered; and so this added skill would go a long way in establishing the hospitability of a bar and the comfort levels of visitors and customers.

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