Technology has made its way into the depth of every industry and sector. Unlike the older times, you can’t imagine a single moment of your life without the help of technology. Moreover, with the invention of artificial intelligence, customer satisfaction rates have been increased further. The hospitality sector is not far behind in this quest. Technological Innovations in Hospitality Industry like using different technological tools like customer relationship management, database management system, and point of sale tools, the face of the hospitality industry is changing.

Thus the hotel management colleges in Kolkata are providing adequate technical training to the students to make them eligible for the new service industry. AI has been largely introduced into the hospitality industry to perform hard and tiring tasks. This leaves the human part of the hotels to interact emotionally and coordinate with the customers at a more personal level. Thus, technology has improved the customer satisfaction rates in the hospitality industry.

How is Technology Helping the Hospitality Industry?


Automatic Check-in Process

Are you tired of waiting in the reception with your luggage for the check-in process? After a long journey, it seems devastating when a guest needs to fill in thousands of details before checking in to the room. The auto check-in process has relieved them from this despair. Now you can fill in your details through your hotel app and scan a code or show it at the front desk for a quick auto check-in process.


Speak-to Order Facility

Custom voice programs have been developed and are being successfully used in the hotel industry. Now, instead of waiting for a waiter or waitress to take your order, you can place the same through the speak-to-order machines installed at every table. Don’t worry about the jobs! Hotels are rather using these people for interacting with the customers and tackling more complex situations. This helps in personalising the services.


Biometric Authentication

Biometrics has found ways to benefit different industries. Using biometric fingerprints or facial detection has helped the hospitality industry to a large extent. Customers can now make payments through biometric scanning right after their meal is over at the restaurant. One-touch payment – easy and convenient way for all customers! Now you don’t have to wait for the waiter to bring you the bill. Finish your food, make your payment and walk away!


Mobile Keys

Metal keys can get fussy at times. The guests get irritated when they fail to lock or open due to jamming of the keys. With the invention of smart digital keys, life has become easier for guests. No more stubborn locks! Just swipe in and enter your room! Some hotels also provide features like paying bills and ordering food as an add-on with the locking keys. This has ensured high guest satisfaction as movements have become smoother.


Smart Room Options

Since the world is going digital, hotels are resorting to digitalised techniques to make a living a better option for the guests. For instance, some hotels include voice control for accessing TVs in rooms, facial recognition, and mobile control for ACs. So imagine entering the room tired from the trip and commanding the voice control in your washroom to prepare a hot water bath for you! Certainly, this will make you stay longer in that hotel than you intended.

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