It is the duty of a successful hotel manager having a degree from a Hotel Management Institute in W.B. to ensure that each and every area of the hotel environment is running perfectly while being synced to each other. They need to look after ad campaigns while confirming that the hotel is going within budget. And if it fails to stick to pre-set budget, the hotel managers have to take measures to cut the corners in order to scale back expenses.

Running a hotel smoothly is not a matter of joke. A hotel entails complex environment that needs a lot of work to be performed backstage to maintain a pleasant front of the house look that guarantees a relaxing and comfortable stay for the guests. Each and every section of the establishment has to work together to ensure superior standard expected by the guests, who are spending their hard earned money with a hope for a pleasant stay and good food. And the hotel managers are solely accountable to ensure a good reputation for concerned hotel, not only in the local area but also beyond that.

In case of big hotels, there are multiple managers to take control of specific departments. There might be, for example, a manager of housekeeping, a catering manager and a marketing manager. And all of them have to report to a general manger at the end of the day. But in case of small establishment, there is usually just one manager to perform all managerial jobs.

Job profile of a hotel manager

And here are the job responsibilities (as enumerated by a reputed Hotel Management Institute in W.B) of a hotel manager in a nutshell.

  • Setting and maintaining budget
  • Ensuring that the hotel sticks to that budget
  • Managing existing staffs
  • Hiring new staffs
  • Arranging training session for the new staffs
  • Scheduling shifts for the staffs and intimating them accordingly
  • Setting work commitments for the staffs
  • Organizing marketing campaigns while targeting new customers to get interested in the hotel
  • Taking care of the security concerns
  • Greeting customers cordially
  • Dealing with customers’ issues
  • Evaluating customer feedback
  • Ensuring smooth arrangement for any event to be taken place at the hotel
  • Ensuring that the hotel is in compliance with the essential laws regarding licensing as well as health and safety

An experienced and truly deserving hotel manager has ample chance to get grand success in the hotel industry. All it needs time and utmost dedication to climb the stair of success.