With the ongoing pandemic, the whole world is passing through tremendous disruptions. And the hospitality industry is no different. The industry is facing threats in terms of job opportunities. In this situation, it is difficult to grab a job related to the hospitality trade. However, aspirants with different skills that were not essential in earlier days, will get more chances. Let’s have a look at the latest trends in the business and how the processionals can grab new job opportunities cropping up as the outcome of this worldwide pandemic.

Trends and Scopes in the Hotel and Hospitality Industry

  • Emphasis on proper sanitation and hygiene – The whole industry is now focused on creating a hygienic and safe ambience for the guests. And this helps to create confidence and a positive impression among the guests. This new situation creates the need for hygiene auditors and managers. Hospitality professionals may upskill themselves by getting a HACCP certification and learn to audit and follow-up.
  • Emphasis on health and wellbeing –As the guests are getting conscious about health and wellness, they are expecting better food and beverage experience. After all, nobody wants to compromise health and fitness. This tendency creates a new scope for the wellness and personal wellbeing professionals and nutritionists. Top 10 hotel management institutes in Kolkata are now putting special emphasis to let their students be aware of this.
  • Storyteller and content marketer for digital marketing– Digital presence is getting important with every passing day. And to stand out and thrive in the world of the web, the importance of storytelling and content marketing can’t be denied. Every hotel as well as each of the employees has something to tell.
  • Designers and creators of the guest experience – The demand for hotel stay has been dropped significantly. Travel buffs always look for a unique experience. Hotels have to create that provision and allure guests and give them proper value. A hotel is not just a place to accommodate. It is a place to relax and relieve stress while enjoying tasty food served hygienically.
  • CSR and sustainability experts – Community development support is more important in this scenario rather than just complying with the policies. Going local, developing communities while helping the environment are more vital to the guests than ever before. So, the hospitality industry needs professionals having knowledge and expertise in CSR and sustainability.

Essential Skills to Get a Job in the Hospitality Industry

  • Multi-tasking – Owing to lack of demand as well as low profitability, the industry is now much focused on controlling labor costs. Professionals from the industry having the skill to carry out different jobs will be more likely to fill up future job opportunities. On the contrary, employees who can’t develop this skill will face a hard time. Any reputable Hospitality Management Institute emphasizes this skill.
  • Upselling expertise – This is needed to make the most of the existing customers. Since a limited number of guests are now coming to hotels for a stay, the hotels should do the most for them. Cross-selling, upselling, and suggestive selling skills are highly essential.
  • Problem-solving – Design thinking and problem-solving skills are essential for creating an experience. Hotels are needed to create a new experience for the guests by understanding what they need and how to resolve their problems.
  • Financial analysis–Hotel operation managers should learn and understand financial issues. This would help them understand how their department is running and how to improve the performance of the same.

Well, though not all, these are some of the most important things that the aspirants of the hotel and hospitality industry should know.