Hotel management is a full course service industry focused on serving the requirements of its clients. Getting trained in hotel management from a reputable Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata helps developing working expertise needed for being successful in this industry.  Hotel managers are liable for effective and profit-making operations of their respective establishments.

And, here are some potential career opportunities that the hotel management aspirants can successfully explore.

Hotel Managers

  • They are responsible for effective and profit-making operations of respective establishments
  • They control every financial aspect of the hotel
  • They put their effort to establish different service norms to be provided to the guests
  • They also establish standard of food quality, housekeeping etc.

Assistant Managers

  • They are responsible for daily operations of their respective department
  • Residential assistant managers, especially in the big-brand hotels, take the responsibility to resolve issues or emergencies 24×7
  • These departmental managers work under the supervision of top management

Front Office Manager

  • They look after the work of information clerks, receptionists, reservation clerks and other service personnel such as bell boy, bell captain and doorman
  • Under their supervision and guidance, the guests check-in at the reception and get assisted to their room along with baggage carried by the bellboys in attendance
  • They are responsible for coordinating reservation and room assignment

Hotel management students having certifications/diploma/degree from Best Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata can also try their luck in the catering department as well as housekeeping department, marketing department, accounts department, personnel department, engineering department, forecasting department and so on depending on their skills and qualifications. Work profile of only a couple of these departments is discussed below.

Catering Department

This is a huge department that comprises of the steward department, culinary department and food service department. And here is how they can make use of their skill and qualification.

  • Executive chefs – They are responsible to lead the specialised kitchens. Under the direction of an executive chef, exquisite meals and other dishes get prepared for the guests.
  • Assistant managers in catering department – They act as supervisor in the dining room and other related areas of their operation.
  • Stewards – They lead restaurant arrangements. They check whether or not everything related to food service department is in proper order. Under their strict supervision, foods are being served to their guests.
  • Restaurant and food service managers – They have to look after the stocks of linens, tableware, paper, cooking utensils, cleaning supplies, fixtures and furniture. They take care of equipment repairs and regular maintenance. They also maintain records of wages according to working hours for the employees.
  • Food and beverage managers – They plan, organise and monitor the entire work of catering department. They deal with the guests in various dining establishments – from small informal dinner parties to large restaurants – everything is taken care of by them. Their job becomes even hectic during conventions and parties.
  • Banquet managers – They act as the in-charge of all sorts of catering assignments.

Housekeeping Department

  • Executive housekeepers – They are liable to ensure the best standard for the guest rooms, banquet and meeting rooms as well as public areas. They train, create schedules and monitor the work of the housekeeping staffs, check the rooms and place order for cleaning supplies. They work with the entire housekeeping team comprised of housekeepers, cleaners, maids and seamstresses. They ensure maintenance of the equipment as well as aesthetic upkeep 24×7 and thus they schedule shift duties for the staffs.
  • Floor supervisors – They are responsible for supervising the job of room maids as well as linen maids. They are in-charge of all the rooms on any given floor.