In recent years our country has been witness to a massive change in the economy. Increase in tourism has led to the prosperity of hotel and hospitality management sectors. The hospitality industry has only seen growth from its inception and has touched the zenith in the last few decades. Ever-increasing travel destinations in India also benefit this industry to grow wings and fly much higher.

As a result, there has been a spike in hotel management admissions as well. If you are a student at a Hotel Management Institute in W.B, then you might be wondering what your career prospects are once you graduate. You can find a few options to explore in this article,

Accommodation Managers

The accommodation managers have a solemn responsibility to take significant responsibility. Accommodation managers at hotels, guest houses, dormitories, and similar establishments look after the needs of the guests, and they are liable for the hygienic safeties and overall cleanliness. A person should train himself or herself from the very first day mentally and physically to become an accommodation manager. Managers should have the ability to handle emergency conditions.


If you have an interest in cooking, then this is the only option for you. A chef requires the practice of cooking the most delicious food in a short time. As a chef, you can work on the restaurants, kitchens of a cruise, airline kitchens, railway kitchens, army kitchens, governmental sectors, reputed clubs, institutions, etc. A chef holds the reputation of the whole organization in his hands. Chefs have to learn to work on different segments of the kitchen with full efficiency.

Tour managers

After the completion of the degree under the Top 10 hotel management institute in Kolkata, you can wish to do something different, cashing your hotel management degree. As a tour manager, you have to make the arrangements of the tourists lodging and every other facility until they’re back at their home. You have to use your knowledge of knowing beautiful places and have to recommend those to the tourist parties. The tour manager should have a convincing power and grip on languages.

Fire risk management

Work of a fire risk manager is to recognize the fire risks in the building. The manager has to look over the hazards and discarding them.

Cabin crew

After pursuing the hotel management course, an individual can opt to become a cabin crew. Cabin crews serve the boarders of the flight by providing them with meals. They have to keep a supervising eye upon the passenger’s safety and security. The cabin crews always make sure that they deliver a demonstration of how to avail of the safety measures. Also, they have training in rescuing passengers from all sorts of dangers.

The hotel industry has a massive demand for trained persons. Only the best Hotel Management Institute in W.B can train you accordingly. Hotscal has been a leading institution of hotel management through ages and placed its students in reputed places through campus interviews.