With your 10+2 examination finally coming to an end, it’s time you start career planning. Thinking of embarking on a career path which is both rewarding and exciting? Pursuing a diploma course in hotel management can open up the doors to great career opportunities with higher salary packages.

Today, hotel management is one of the most prestigious career opportunities. Whether you dream of exciting travel or high-paying jobs, a career in hotel management can be very beneficial. Moreover, with the hospitality sector growing at a fast pace, there has been a rapid growth of hotels. This has resulted in the demand for qualified staff who can provide quality services. And, getting a diploma from the top 10 hotel management institute in Kolkata can be the stepping-stone to a prosperous career.

Here’s everything you need to know about pursuing a diploma course.

What Does A Diploma In Hotel Management Cover?

  • Food & Beverage

This module focuses on helping students understand the food and beverage options along with other components. From dealing with international clientele to meeting the customer needs and acquiring in-depth knowledge about the varied range of restaurants, this section teaches you a lot.

  • Customer Service

In the hospitality sector, the satisfaction of customers plays an important role in the success of any business. In this module, students get to learn the techniques of maintaining healthy customer relationships, the importance of effective communication and how to deal with customer grievances.

  • Hospitality & Tourism

Pursuing a diploma course from a leading hotel management institute in W.B allows students O learn about the basic principles of the hospitality and tourism industry. They gain insights about the industry and how it varies in the global and local setting.

  • Front Office

Students get to acquire interpersonal skills as well as knowledge about relationship processes. They even get to learn the vital concepts of customer service.

Career Opportunities For Aspirants   

Hotel management students have a wide range of career opportunities to choose from. After the completion of their diploma course, qualified students can work as-

  1. Food Service Manager

The job role of a food service manager involves-

  • Training subordinates
  • Managing the food inventory, taking care of the supplies and food to be ordered
  • Keeping a close track of the equipment and supplies to be used
  • Allotting work shifts and duties to sub-ordinates
  1. Restaurant Assistant Manager

As a restaurant assistant manager, you will have to-

  • Plan the menu
  • Hire, train and supervise the restaurant staff
  • Handle the advertising and promotion of the business
  • Manage the budget and maintain the financial records
  1. Reservations agent

Reservation agents play a pivotal role in the hotel industry since they handle numerous tasks like-

  • Making suggestions about travel
  • Booking the stay and other tours which they might choose during the trip
  • Respond to the questions which customers may have about their bookings
  • Preparing the itinerary of guests

Don’t you think getting a diploma can be very beneficial? Time to pursue an accredited course from the best hotel management institute in Barasat!