Without effective housekeeping services, the overall functions of a hotel deteriorate. Even before the customer reaches the room, from the very entry point, the cleanliness of the hotel matters. Although the front desk executives welcome the customers, if the hotel premises are uncleaned and messy, the customer satisfaction rate falls. The major housekeeping management tips services in a hotel includes in-house keeper, housekeeping manager, and housekeeping or cleaning companies. Although they are time-consuming, the majority of hotel management institutions provide sufficient training to the students so that they provide efficient housekeepers in prominent hotels.

Tips to Increase Effectiveness of House Keeping Management


Provide on the Job Training

Training the housekeeping staff practically is the most favourable option. Job-specific training helps the housekeeping staff to be acquainted with the technicalities of the housekeeping process. Knowledge of the working techniques helps boost the morale, confidence, and motivation of the housekeeping staff. On-the-job training also helps the staff become acquainted with the hectic housekeeping schedules they need to face later.


Improve the use of Housekeeping Tools

Housekeeping services can be improved with the use of upgraded technologies. Hence, to improve the efficiency level of the housekeeping staff, remember to include tools like vacuums, laundry machines, and polishers within the hotel premises. Train your staff so that they remain familiar with the use of these devices. Also, include quality checks and maintenance plans in your schedule. This will help in increasing the effectiveness and precision of the job.


Improve Communication with the Housekeeping Staff

Housekeeping is a tedious job. However, if not done properly, the same can be a cause of distress for the customers. Hence, keeping open and smooth communication with the housekeepers is essential. This will help the manager to motivate them and also understand their problems. Moreover, if there are problems within the rooms, open communication will help the manager get information readily from the housekeeping staff.


Use Technology and Reduce the Burden

Put the advanced technologies into work and reduce the burden of the housekeeping staff. Some of the cleaning tasks may seem monotonous and hectic. For such tasks, you must include advanced housekeeping tools. There are other digital solutions, using which you can keep track of the inventories and help the housekeeping staff work stress-free.


Identify the Housekeeping Issues

You must try and identify the ignored or the persisting problems in the hotel even after good housekeeping services are provided. Due to failures and challenges, the efficiency of the housekeeping staff may decrease. Hence as a manager, you must keep checking for the issues and help the staff amend the same.

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