Lockdown has a deep and severe impact on all the industries of India. Hospitality or hotel industry is going through their worse time right now because of the same. As per the experts of the hotel industry, recovery of this market would not be possible before mid-July.

When Will be the Situation Becomes Normal

The Indian hospitality industry should expect to grow in the occupancy from single digits to approx 20 to 30 per cent after July. However, it will take more time to become normal in the hotel industry. As per the experts of this field, it will be December or January in 2021 to get the business in its full form.

What to Expect in the Indian Hotel Industry

When the situation gets better, and the lockdown phase will over, people will love to take a break from their “lockdown lifestyle.” They would love to drive their cars along with their families and go for short trips at nearby locations. This can boost the growth of the local hotel business.

What About the International Tourism

The international flights are closed, and the international borders are sealed as well. People cannot fly for entertainment or travelling purposes. Hence, the scenario of international tourism will be not in good shape right now. Even if the lockdown will over in India, it will take time to reopen the international flights and borders. Which means international tourism needs some more time to recover.

How Can Big Brands Survive                   

In the hotel industry, big brands play masterstrokes. Whether it is the global economic crisis or the global pandemic; people believe in these top brands. The brands that take good care of the hygiene, health and safety of their guests, as well as their employees, will survive in this global crisis. They will get the benefits in the upcoming days as people will trust their service when they start travelling once again.

Recovery Would Take Time

As per the experts of the hospitality industry and hotel industry, recovery would take time. People will not start visiting the tourist spots or fix meeting abroad as soon as the lockdown will over. They have a fear of getting infected which will remain there even after everything seems “normal.” Therefore, it takes time to plan their next tours or look for the hotels to book.

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