The hospitality industry is a vast one with various components. The hotel management industry is one of them. If you wish to understand the relationship between the how hotel industry related to the other components in hospitality management, you should look at the Solar System. The hotel industry is the Sun, and the entire Solar System is rotating around it with all the other stars and moon.

It is in the centre of the hospitality management industry, and all the other segments of this field revolve around it to provide the customers with good services.

What Is Hospitality Industry?

Hospitality means welcoming and looking after guests at various commercial places with warmth to offer them required and desired services.

Why Hotel Industry is the Sun of the Hospitality Industry?

A hotel is a right place where you can experience such service and care. Whether you are in a restaurant or at a bar, or in the hotel pool area, you will receive a great welcome and a nice service from the hotel staff to feel comfortable and safe.

So, whether you are a chef, a bartender, a waiter or a housekeeping executive – your job is to provide your guests with services that will make their stay or visit happy and memorable.

What Makes Hotel Industry Unique?

The hotel industry is unique in various terms. From the list of services they provide to the system they follow to carry on the daily tasks, you can see a distinct pattern.

  • The hotel industry is the only service industry that serves the basic needs of man.
  • This is the only service industry sector where people buy raw materials, process them, pack them, and serve them. The entire process is done under one roof.
  • In this service industry, at least 8-10 internal staff are engaged to serve one customer or guest, which is another unique factor of the hotel industry.
  • One of those high risks industries where staffs deal with their clients directly and are responsible for their health, safety and comfort for the period they are serving the guest.
  • This is the most challenging sector in the hospitality service industry, where people always expect to have the best from the service provider.
  • This is a people’s industry. People are serving other people with products and services. Here the connection between people is highly important to run the business smoothly.

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