Do you see yourself working as a Head Chef five years down the line? Or, as an individual who enjoys cooking, are you thinking about a career as a professional chef? Enrolling in the best hotel management institute in Kolkata can be the stepping stone to a prosperous career ahead.

Be it a restaurant or a hotel, it is the chef’s eatery skills on which the reputation majorly depends. This is why the responsibilities of a Chef are significant to build up the prestige of a food joint. Chefs are almost 90% responsible for the accomplishments which the food and beverage department achieves. The food served to the customers is the first element which helps in marking recognition. But, how do you become an outstanding chef?

Here’s your handy guide to becoming a top chef.

What Makes A Great Chef?

Joining a reputed hotel management college can help you build a bright career. Pursuing a course from a leading hotel management institute in Kolkata is an excellent way to kick-start your career. To be an outstanding chef, you need to have superb culinary skills. You need to have the perfect abilities for setting up a benchmark on the restaurant’s behalf.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Chef?

The Executive Chef

The name for this position varies from one place to another. The executive role is often known as the head chef, master chef and much more.

Some of the many job responsibilities of an executive chef are-

  • Managing the overall kitchen
  • Controlling the kitchen costs
  • Create menus
  • Operate different outlets

The Sous Chef

A Sous-Chef de cuisine stands for the French term “under-chef” of the kitchen. They are known as the assistants of the executive chef. They report directly to the head chef.

Some of the many responsibilities of the sous chef are-

  • Scheduling the kitchen staff
  • Working as a replacement when the head chef is off-duty
  • Assisting the other cooks whenever necessary
  • Responsible for the inventory management

Factors To Keep In Mind When Working As A Chef

  • Ask Questions & Take Notes

When you are new to the field, ask as many questions as you can to get clarity. Learn from your mistakes and never hesitate to ask questions.

  • Be Organised

Being composed and organised drives away most of the mess. So, ensure you stay organised at all times.

  • Listen To Expert Advice

Pay attention when the head chef and other seniors give any advice. Remember; following the senior’s direction and being open to criticism is necessary.

Quickly join a good hotel management institute and undergo a comprehensive Food Production Programme.  Time to jump-start a prosperous professional career!