Bartending is considered one of the most artful professions. Apart from the skills and techniques, it will help if you also have a bit of natural flair to bag your dream career as a bartender you have been nurturing for long. First and foremost, you have to complete a bartending degree from a reputed hotel management college in KolkataFurther, it will help if you are mindful of the following things.

Always have an upbeat attitude

This is one of the fundamental attitudinal aspects of landing any job. Be it accounting or bartending, and a positive attitude is a must. It shows your employer that you are willing to take your job seriously and work hard. A positive attitude also appeals to customers. A bartending job requires you to be always in touch with people. Hence, a positive attitude can build a pleasant aura around you and give you a better chance at landing your dream bartending role.

Serve your customers with a charismatic smile

Bartending is all about your people skills. Do not be afraid of interacting with your customers and letting your charisma shine. A warm smile helps the customers feel at ease. More you will understand the drink preferences of your customers; better will be your efficiency as a bartender.

Demonstrate what you bring to the table

While attending a bartending interview, it is crucial to convince your employer why you deserve the job. So, you have to be pro-active. Take a hands-on approach while interacting with your employer. Explain your perspective about their bar and any suggestions that you might have. This is an intelligent way of demonstrating your potential as a bartender.

Being a lone wolf will not help

A bartender has to be a significant team player. Tending the bar requires you to work shifts with a small, well-knit group of colleagues. Further, a bar is often a part of a bigger hospitality venture. So, you must be ready to function well with different departments to keep things running smoothly.

Garner relevant professional experience

Nothing can bring you closer to your dream bartending role better than relevant experience in the field. While pursuing your bartending degree from a hotel management institute in Kolkata, you can try for internships or part-time gigs at any of the following establishments:

  • Restaurants
  • Night clubs
  • Pubs and bars
  • Hotels

Try, try, try again and you shall succeed

It is only natural to be turned down in the first few attempts when looking for a new job. So, do not get discouraged if one interview does not turn out in your favour. Keep applying to different establishments till you land your dream job.

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