Many students are unaware of whether or not there is any difference between hotel management and hospitality management. Yes, there is difference. And for the students of the best Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata, this is absolutely important to understand the basic difference so they can choose the right profession. Though there are differences, the terms are interrelated and together form an important part of tourism industry.

Here is a brief discussion on the difference between hotel and hospitality management.

Things to learn in a Hotel Management College in W.B

Hotel management is more about managing different aspects related to running a hotel successfully. It may be more precisely described as the study related to management of hotels, resorts and food & beverage facilities. Irrespective of how many stars the hotel holds, it is the purview of hotel management to take care of all the nitty-gritty related to running the facility. From the very moment a guest arrives at the hotel to the time the guest checks out, all the responsibilities towards the activities during the guest’s stay form the key part of hotel management. The responsibilities may include,

  • Reception and Front-desk Management – As a guest arrives at the hotel, it is the reception or the front-desk counter that welcomes him and then completes the process of registration. Once the formalities are completed, the guest is escorted to his booked room by an attendant aka a Bell Boy.
  • Concierge – This is the kiosk inside the lobby and near the entrance. This segment is related to unloading, storing as well as delivering the guest’s luggage to his room. On checking out, this desk collects the luggage from the room and loads them on the guest’s car.
  • Housekeeping – It is the house keeping section that takes care of entire maintenance task of the guest rooms along with common area, service area and lobby.
  • Room Services – Delivering good and beverages in the room and collecting back empty crockery and bottles are the responsibility of the room service section.
  • Guest Service – The key responsibility of this department is to manage office services including accessing laptop or desktop, scanner, printer; conference room, banquet for arranging events.
  • Food and Beverage (F&B) – Maintaining and managing the scope related to dining including managing kitchen space and serving guests in the dining room are the responsibility of F&B section.
  • Travel Desk – This department is responsible for picking up and dropping guests from airport, railway station or any other designated location, ticket arrangement, planning sightseeing trip and guest coordination.

All the activities mentioned here are specialized services which need intense training and vast experience to ensure that the guests bag the warmest and the best experience during their stay in the hotel.

Specialty of Hospitality Management

The term suggests taking care of the visitors or guests irrespective of the venue. As it comes to hospitality management, it is not necessary that the guests will be staying in the hotel. Guests to a club, office, institution, restaurant and even the patients at the hospital need to be attended to. And professionals trained in hospitality management are the perfect to cater them in the best possible way.

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