Travel and tourism are the two domains, mainly contributing to the world economy. So, it can be well said that the hotel industry will have enough career options.  The sector is developing and giving rise to lucrative growth potential. The industry includes travel, tourism, hotels, events, and food services. Hence, varied opportunities will be open before the candidate as they will opt for a course in this sector. Hotel management is one of the most emerging streams in the hospitality sector. Pursue a course from a reputed hotel management institute in Kolkata and gain access to a bright future. This field of study has varied scope and taking up a course at a reputed hotel management institute in W.B. will help you to make it big. Here is a short overview of the domain to discover the vast opportunities around the world.

Let’s check out the various considerations to enrol in a hotel management course

It is essential to understand and determine the field you want to specialise in. That’s an important aspect of your career, no doubt. Here is a brief overview.

Food and Beverage: Do you bear a particular passion for food from different cuisines? Do you have an interest in hot and cold beverages of various forms? Do you have the knack to surprise the guests with innovative drinks or want to outperform in the kitchen? Then this is your domain. It will give you enough chance to experiment and create real gastronomic delights.

Lodging and Accommodation: This is another sought after option to enhance your career in hotel management.  Almost all luxury resort and hotels keep on recruiting several executives for their lodging and accommodation division. The subcategories in this section include guest service, housekeeping, sales management, HR management, and so on.

Event Management: Hotel industry is somehow incomplete without an event management division. Several breathtaking events have been organised in hotels, and the most important ones include weddings, parties, live concerts, fundraising programs, conferences and meetings, and many more. Several professionals are required to manage those events.  The critical designations include house manager, venue manager, development or production managers, and so on.

Travel and Tourism: If you have a panache for travelling and want to explore new destinations then find a suitable role in this sector. The international travel and tourism domain is always in the lookout for competent hotel management professionals.

What would be your approximate salary after hotel management?

This is indeed a billion-dollar question. This largely depends on the field you have chosen for work in the hospitality sector. It will be a global opportunity for you with high salary scale based on your experience and expertise. Here is a hint on the approx salary you can look forward to,

  • Food and beverage – $70,000 to $90,000 per annum
  • Event management– $50,000 to $100,000 per annum
  • Travel and tourism– $70,000 to $100,000 per annum

Hotel management studies will indeed open up a sea of opportunities before you.  Alongside, your intellect, passion, interest, urge to learn, and innovative attitude will lead you to success. Choosing HOTS Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata will be the first step on to be successful hospitality professional. It is one of the best names among the top 10 hotel management institutes in W.B. It will drive you to a bright future for sure.