The pandemic has adversely hit all the sectors of the Indian economy. With the day to day activities being restricted, all businesses are taking a hit. Schools and colleges have closed. Students of top hospitality management institutes have been taking the course online just like other courses. The industry has been rapidly growing worldwide, which attracts thousands of students each year. You must be wondering about the current state of the tourism and hospitality industry, which is heavily dependent on social interaction.

How Big is the Industry in India?

India is a land of diverse cultures. It is known for both the scenic beauty of nature as well as the marvels of human architecture. With so much diversity, even within the country, travel and tourism were rampant. The industry contributes to about 10 per cent of the total GDP of the country. It also depicts a similar share in employment. In recent years, India was also strengthening its roots in the international tourism scene.

How has the pandemic affected the industry?

 Travel and tourism have become almost impossible during these times. Hotels have been vacant for an extended period, and people are not allowed in restaurants. The pandemic is showing no signs of stopping, which might complicate things further. One of the pillars of the economy was expecting some aid from the government, which was in vain. With the finance minister turning a blind eye towards the industry, it is in deep waters.

What does the future hold?

Nothing lasts forever. Even in tough times like these, restaurants have been able to turn things by offering home delivery. It is one of the industries that take pride because of the hygiene it maintains. People have already started getting back on their feet. Once things start getting better, it is expected to bounce back stronger than ever. Travel and hospitality have been an indispensable part of the society offering the top form of entertainment. The future holds a lot of opportunities for the industry. Everyone in the field, from amateurs to industry professionals, has been taking this time to hone their skills at home. The skillset never goes in vain. The industry will undoubtedly take a small hit, but it will be short-lived. It is emerging as one of the most popular career options in this day and age. Soon, the scenario will change, and new avenues will open up. So, hospitality professionals should be ready to grab the sea of opportunities the moment things will be in order. So, get prepared with the valued certificates and keep brushing up your esteemed skills to be in the flow once again, very soon.

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