A single day is constituted of exact 1440 minute.  An individual needs to cover all the daily activities within this time frame and the day tends to end on a note that the available time hasn’t been enough to cover every action as planned.  It is not wise to blame it on time all the way, but one must try and enhance the time management skill to make the most of it. Especially the professionals working in different fields must understand the value of time managed well. The hospitality sector is not an exception; instead, it’s the domain where the professionals must excel in time management. A hotel management student must master the skill to have a successful career going forward. If you are pursuing a course in a well-known hotel management institute in W.B. or just any other state in India, you must always put special attention towards improving your ability to manage and utilize time at its best.

A few simple tips to help you develop your time management skills

Set a checklist

Start with preparing a detailed list. Initially, you can set the checklist for a day but going forward make it covering the activities to be done over the entire week. This will help you manage all the critical tasks.  You can use a checklist app or can create new entries on the memo or notepad of your phone. Once you are done with the job, check it off. Thus you will have an accomplishing feel as well.

Use a Timer

Using a timer is another right approach to work on your time management skills. Use the timer on your mobile phone and keep track of your improvement.

Prevent yourself from getting distracted

As you will get distracted often, it will make you lose your focus towards getting your task completed at the right time. So, eliminate all the factors potential enough to distract you. If you are studying or concentrating into some assignment, then make sure that your mobile phone is on silent mode or switched off.

Nail the Planning

It is essential to have a plan handy with you prevent yourself from getting stuck in between a task or running short on ideas. A perfect plan will aid you in completing your assignments on time.

Take Adequate Breaks to De-Stress

Taking a break never implies the wastage of time.  It slightly boosts your level of concentration and helps you to complete the task efficiently. It increases your attentiveness and thus impacts your productivity.


Reward Yourself for the Achievements

This is an approach often overlooked, but it is one crucial factor to praise your earnest effort and hard work. It offers you with a sense of motivation and makes way to consistent improvement.

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