Hotel management is involved in managing hotel-related work. Interacting with people all day and talking about the work culture and customer handling. It requires good teamwork and leadership. Hotel management is chiefly related to food and living area, the boarding and lodging need of all of the guests, and, more vitally, their comfort at all times. There are four core operational areas in the hotel industry. If you select a good hotel management institute to study at, they can guide you properly.

Front Office

It is one of the hotel business’s numerous divisions, which straightforwardly interfaces with the clients when they initially show up at the hotel. The staff of this division is entirely noticeable to the visitors.
The front office staff handles the exchanges between the lodging and its visitors.
The front office division incorporates −
• Front Desk
• Formally dressed administrations
• Attendants
• Front Office Accounting System

Food Production

Food Production is a division which is engaged with food—a cycle where unrefined substances are cooked, consolidated and changed to make a dish. A Chef is involved from buying to choosing the menu, overseeing the kitchen, keeping up with food quality and disinfection principles, and thinking of new dishes. The food production office involves the fundamental kitchen, dinner kitchen, soup segment, storage room area, cake area, baking and candy area, and vegetable area. Segments might fluctuate, given the scale and star classification of a hotel.

House Keeping

Housekeeping might be characterised as the ‘arrangement of a spotless, agreeable, safe and stylishly engaging climate. By another definition, ‘Housekeeping is a functional division in a hotel, which is liable for tidiness, support, tasteful upkeep of rooms, public regions back regions and the environmental elements.
The term Housekeeping refers to the management of daily duties and tasks involved in the maintaining of a household, like cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, shopping, bill payment and so on.

Food and Beverage

The food and beverage service is part of the service-oriented hospitality sector. It can be a part of a large hotel or tourism business, and it can also be run as an independent business. The members of the F&B Services team are required to perform a wide range of tasks, including preparation for service, greeting the guests, taking their orders, settling the bills, and performing various other tasks after the guests leave.

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