Post-COVID, everything has changed. Now things are getting normal from New Normal. However, in some sectors, new regulations and expectations are taking the place of the traditional ones. The hotel and hospitality industry is one of them, is trying hard to improve guest satisfaction in this post-COVID time.

Hence, the experts of this industry are coming up with new ideas that can fulfil the requirements of the guests keeping the current circumstances in mind. Travellers all over the world are looking for virus-free accommodations where they can enjoy comfort and safety.

This increases the pressure on the hospitality experts to satisfy their guests according to the latest COVID protocols. Here are some tips to make things easier for them.

Improve Hygiene Standard

It becomes one of the key factors for the hospitality industry to improve the hygiene standard for the guests. Hotels and restaurants that follow all the COVID- related hygiene regulations are getting a good response from their clients. Regular and proper cleaning of high contact areas, using sanitizers, staff with mask and gloves, dustbins and other dispensers are some of the major areas of concern for all the travellers who wish to book hotels during this pandemic.

Maintaining Social Distancing

Maintaining social distancing at public places like lobby, reception, pool area, restaurant, and lift is highly essential. Hotels are taking special care of this. They request their guests to maintain this norm of social distancing from the time they check-in the hotel till they check out. Their staffs also maintain the same to keep everything under control. The objective is to minimise the risks of getting exposed to anything contaminated.

Flexible Cancellation Policies

Due to the unprecedented nature of COVID-19, guests might need to cancel their booking. Hence, hotels are making their cancellation policies flexible for their guests. You can cancel or book your rooms within the shortest notice. In most of the hotels, such urgent cancellation policies are specially included due to COVID. In this way, they can show their guests that how much they value their safety and convenience.

Train Their Employees

Hotels are arranging special training programs for their employees to make them prepared to handle this pandemic. This is something totally new for all of them. No one has any previous experience of handling such a crisis. Hence, it is essential to get the right training and understand the challenges they might face and the severity of this situation.

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