It is almost a month after 2021 has started. The crisis of lockdown and pandemic is still on, but we somehow manage to survive. At the same time, our search for a better life with a secure career is still on.

Hospitality and hotel industry is one of those sectors that were severely affected due to lockdown. Luckily, the situation is now getting better, and new job opportunities are initiating in this industry. Suppose you are a student of a reputed Hotel Management College in Barasat and look for a secure career in this field. In that case, this blog will let you know about the job opportunities in hotel and hospitality management sector in 2021.


Job Opportunities in Hotel Industry

  • Hotel Manager

The demand for a trained and efficient hotel manager is high this year. The hotel industry is looking for professionals with excellent crisis management and communication skills to handle current situations. The manager must have the right knowledge on how to plan, manage and execute the entire hotel’s daily operations, various teams and their certain job roles.

  • Housekeeping Assistant

In this current pandemic, the need for maintaining the hygiene and sanitation of the entire property becomes higher than ever. Hence, the demand for highly trained, experienced and efficient housekeeping assistants becomes higher too. These staffs must understand the significance of maintaining hygiene and proper sanitation inside the hotel premises.

  • Front Office Executive

The front office of a hotel needs someone smart, efficient and knowledgeable to handle the front desk of the property well enough. The person has to be polite yet firm while talking to the guests. He or she must understand the requirements of the guests and help them to get what they want. They also need to provide general administrative support as per the demand of the situation. Ensuring cleanliness and general hygiene of the front desk is also part of their daily duties.

  • Head Chef

After lockdown, when people are still not feeling quite confident about eating out, some restaurants pay greater attention to appointing efficient and well-trained head chefs for their properties. Apart from preparing delicious foods, these experts must know how to maintain hygiene inside the kitchen and prepare healthy foods for the guests.

There are many other roles and opportunities that the hotel and hospitality industry is offering to aspiring professionals. However, you need to complete your hotel management course from reputed and reliable institutes to grab these chances.

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