A hotel management course is a professional field of study. It offers various job opportunities to students. The students need to possess some skills and qualities to make it big in the hospitality sector. Studying in a reputed institute helps them get practical information. They can gain the confidence to work in a professional field.

Why Pursue Hotel Management Course?

Hotel management or hospitality management is a vast sector with different job opportunities. The students have to look for a job profile that suits their skills best. The food and beverage department is one of the important parts of a hotel. The department has various job positions. These can be applied by graduates of a Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata.

Career Options in Food and Beverage Department

In this blog, you can find the details, roles, and duties of different jobs in food and beverage department.

  • Food Production Manager: A food production manager is responsible for managing the inventory. Some of their responsibilities include procurement of food and supplies, managing food production and ensuring safety. They need to have constant communication with the kitchen staff. Managing food production without affecting the overall budget is another necessary skill they need to possess.
  • Food and Beverage Manager: This is an important position in a hotel’s food and beverage department. A food and beverage manager is responsible for controlling the daily operations and employee management. They monitor the efficiency of the service of the hotel staff. All the staff hired in the food and beverage department are hired, trained and managed by the F&B Manager.
  • Executive Chef: Executive Chefs act as a vital cog in the food and beverage production unit. They are responsible for coordinating and supervising the food production procedure of a hotel. An executive chef also mentors the team of sous chefs, cooks and management trainees.
  • Kitchen Manager: The kitchen is the most important food and beverage production unit of a hotel. A kitchen manager is responsible for acting as a supervisor to all the operations. Parts of their job role include training the young cooks and managing the food and beverage production budget. They play an important role in selecting the daily menu.

Working in the food production unit of a hotel is a job that commands immense responsibility. To prepare for the big ground, you need to study at a reputable hotel management institute in Kolkata. Enrol in Hotel Operational Training School (HOTS), where you can get different hospitality management courses. Here, you can develop the vital skills to land a job at the top hotels in the world. Visit our website for more details.