After finishing their higher secondary studies, a large number of students opt for hospitality management studies. As it is a professional course, most students are assured of placement and greater job opportunities compared to other courses. However, while choosing their field of study, many students ask questions about the right time to enrol in hotel management studies.

A Positive Aspect: The Growth of Hotel Industry

This question has great value and implications, as we have witnessed rampant job loss during the worldwide pandemic. However, that fearful time has become a thing of the past now. Post 2020-21, the hotel industry has gradually grappled with its pace of growth. In a recent study, it was found that the hotel industry witnessed 11.4% YoY RevPar growth in the first quarter of 2024.

The Importance of A Good Hotel Management College

Individuals now have more economic independence to travel. The frequent holidays and business trips suggest that the hotel industry will grow more in the coming days. If students want to be a part of this industry, they should enrol in a reputable hotel management college in Kolkata.

The study conducted by the Hotel and Restaurant Association of Western India further notes that the hotel industry is expected to maintain its growth trajectory. It is already at its bottleneck in big cities and popular holiday spots. However, you can find it trickling down to the Tier II and III cities as well. This is a positive side that guarantees a better employment scheme.

When you dream of making it big in the hospitality industry, you cannot ignore the importance of a good college. A proper institution can guarantee you various things that can help you progress further:

  • Trained teaching staff
  • Professionally experienced faculty members
  • Guarantee of Placement
  • Importance in both theoretical and practical studies
  • A healthy environment for study

As you can see, any time is a good time to pursue a hotel management course. All you need to do is enrol in a prominent hotel management college in Kolkata. Visit Hotel Operational Training School (HOTS), where you can get it all that helps you prepare for the hospitality and management industry. Established in a sprawling space near Kolkata, we have renowned faculties which can provide you with valuable guidance. This will help you grow and shine in a dynamic industry. For more details, you can visit our website today.