Every industry has found its ways of coping up after COVID 19. The hotel and hospitality industry is not an exception. The hotel industry has seen the worst during a pandemic and COVID 19 outbreak. People were bound to postpone their tour plans, stay indoors, cancel their hotel booking and train tickets. Hence, the industry has suffered a lot because of this. Know how hospitality and hotel industry cope-up after COVID 19.

But, now the situation has changed a lot in the last couple of months. Things are getting normal again, and people are planning a tour, booking hotel rooms and going outside for lunch or dinner with their loved ones. In the top Hotel Management College in Kolkata, students are learning how to cope up after such devastating experiences like a pandemic.

Some of the Techniques of Coping up Pandemic

  • Apply Cloud Technologies

With the help of the advent of modern technologies, even a people-centric industry like hotel and hospitality management can run the daily operations without being personally present at the spot. Hoteliers can manage their day to day processes with the help of the Cloud Property-Management System. The application will allow them to monitor, control and execute all the daily operations without being inside the hotel or restaurant.

  • No Contact Service

To obey the COVID 19 health and safety protocols hotel industry has brought many changes to the way to deliver their services so far. Instead of sending waiters to the table, there can be tablets on the table to select from the menu and order the foods. Non-toxic plastics are used to make special kinds of disposable plates and cutleries to avoid contact with items that can be used by several people after washing.

  • Target Millennial Customers

Recent studies have shown that millennials are highly eager to get back to their “normal life” and start exploring the world once again. Targeting this particular group of customers will be a great benefit for the hotel industry. This group of people is no longer afraid of the virus. Rather they find it great to enjoy their dream trips at a low cost because of the discounts hotels and restaurants are offering right now.

  • Utilise This Time for Hotel Renovation

If you have plans to renovate your hotel or if the property needs some serious maintenance works, this is the right time to go for it. Since your property currently has less traffic, you can easily arrange maintenance and renovation projects to uplift the condition of the hotel brand and offer a better service to your clients.

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