The current pandemic condition has a terrible effect on the travel and hospitality management. However, this situation has taught some big lessons to this industry as well. The people directly involved in this industry have learnt a lot of things to make their existence stronger than ever in the coming future.

Some of them have changed their business strategies, and some has adopted the latest techniques to make the business ready to battle against this current weird condition.

Most Common Trends in Recent Travel and Hotel Industries


Personalisation of the Services

Instead of offering standard services to the customers, the hotels and restaurants have started offering personalised services. In this current situation, standard travelling methods will not be enough for tourists who wish to ensure the safety and comfort of their own in their next tours. The hotels will offer a more personalised approach to make their guests feel comfortable and safe once they start travelling after everything gets to settle down.


Sanitation and Hygiene

Maintaining the sanitation and hygiene of the place as well as the guests, becomes the utmost priority of the hotel industry. Their staffs are getting special training on how to sanitise the properties and ensure the hygiene level inside the same to offer a safe ambience to the guests.


Contactless Services

From booking the hotel rooms to booking the foods; the top hotels are going contactless to make their services accessible to their clients without spreading any ailments. The need for contactless services is felt right now because of the high risk of getting contaminated with COVD 19. Hence, the hotel industry is assuring their clients that through contactless services, they can avoid such chances of getting infected and enjoy their services as well.


More Supporting Customer Care Division

The travel and hospitality management industry has made their customer care division stronger than ever during this lockdown period. They understand the panic in the community, and they know how their guests may feel right now. Hence, they try to make them feel comfortable and safe. The customer care executives are always ready to give answers to the questions of the clients to solve their queries and help them to find the right solutions. From the cancellations of the booking to the arrangement of the safe transport – they are ever alert to fulfil all the needs of their guests.



To make the customer-support department aptly connected to the guests, the travel and hotel industry comes up with the chatbots solutions. This is a sophisticated option of helping the guests in getting the answers to all their questions through online chatting for 24×7.

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