Rajasthan is a land of lakes, beautiful deserts and historical monuments. Since time immemorial, Rajasthan has been one of the most fond places for tourism. Both local and international travellers visit Rajasthan every year. Keeping the growth of the tourism and hospitality industry in mind, the Rajasthan government has taken the initiative to grant full industrial recognition to the tourism and Hospitality industries in the state.

This is a major initiative taken by Rajasthan where an investment of around Rs. 14,679.63 has been made in the state to create different jobs within the tourism and hospitality industry for more than 60000 people. With this initiative in place, more and more youngsters are joining different hotel management colleges in Kolkata to make up their careers in the hospitality industry.

From 2018 to 2023, under the leadership of chief minister Sri Ashok Gehlot, more than 800 tourism units have been sanctioned under the Rajasthan state. After the sanction of this unit, high employment opportunities for around 40000 people have been provided all across the state. This investment and initiative has made Rajasthan the first state to become a leader in the tourism sector in India among world competitors.

The minister has taken the initiative to design the tourism and hospitality industry in the state, where different types of  developments are being made to make accommodation and travel easier for both local and international tourists. Since the tourism industry of Rajasthan has been flourishing day by day, this initiative is finding the interest of a large number of investors who are keen to invest their hard money into developing the tourism sector of Rajasthan.

Along with the popular destinations, the newly found units of the tourism sector in the state are focused on finding unexplored and lesser-known tourist destinations in and around the state to bring in more tourists. They also highlight the Rajasthan tourism industry through social media to make people aware. New tourism policies are being continuously developed under the supervision of the units.

Moreover, in 2022, the Rajasthan enquiry committee and the president’s support developed 379 pilgrimages under the tourism industry and included the same under travel packages. This initiative is for the third, getting a lot of investment and will create many jobs for people within the hospitality industry.