The hospitality industry boasts of vivid career opportunities in today’s day and age. There are various roles you can choose to play, all of which are very interesting. Easy to get into, an excellent hotel management course can do wonders for your career. A front office hotel executive programme is one of the most popular courses in the industry. Along with adequate training, there are a few skills that will make you an asset for the company.


What are the skills required to be a front desk hotel executive?

There are a few skills that are found in excellent front desk executives around the world. These skills help to set them apart from others in the business:

  • Good command on literacy skills is one of the most striking features in a front desk hotel executive. It is a bonus when you are also efficient on the computer and keeps up with modern technology. Most hotel management is digital, which is why staying up to date is the key to success.
  • Being resourceful and knowing about the local area is also one of the ways to be successful. Most guests ask questions about the local food and directions to famous places around the city to a front desk executive. Not being able to provide satisfactory answers doesn’t leave a perfect mark on your reputation.
  • It is no surprise that an excellent front desk executive should be multilingual. There will be people from a variety of cultures and languages staying in a hotel. Nothing beats the ease of being able to communicate in a familiar language. The more customers you can talk to, the better name you can build.
  • There are times when you have to step in the role of others as a front desk executive. Being a reservation agent is one of them. You might also have to be a tour planner or for one of your high-profile guests or need housekeeping skills. The key is to accept every challenge and prove to be the best while multitasking.

Some More Skills

This next skill deserves a space of its own. As a front desk executive, one of your most important duties is up-selling rooms as it is one of the primary revenue earners for a hotel. You can’t let the best and expensive places remain empty throughout the season. You should make sure that you identify the right customers who would be able to make an upgrade. Convincing them that it is for the best of their interests while making sure you are not pushy; will ensure you bring in good sales. Being thorough with the details and selling points of a room will make the task a lot easier.

All of these skills can be acquired under a trusted academy like HOTS, one of the best hotel management institutes in Kolkata. You can get also choose to enrol in the comprehensive package combining many different job profiles to give the best kick start to your career.