The hospitality industry is currently a developing high growth sector. With demand for tourism, hotels and restaurants, the employment graph in this industry is relatively high. If you have the skills to interact with people and have the knack for serving them, then the hospitality industry is the right place for you. All the hotel management institutes in Kolkata are training young minds with etiquettes, communication skills, and management skills to succeed in this industry.

If you’re wondering about the career prospects in this industry, please note that here you get to serve a diverse range of customers and earn a good amount of revenue throughout the year. In simple words, these are some of the well-paid jobs!

As the income of the people is consistently reaching a stable level, the inclination towards holidays and restaurant eat outs are also increasing. Thus, it is estimated that a career in the hotel industry will undoubtedly be monetarily beneficial in the coming days.

What are the jobs that you can apply for with this degree?


Hotel Management

This job role is required in all hotels across the globe that provides accommodation facilities. If you’ve completed hotel management certification, you can apply for posts like hotel manager, spa manager, group managers, and floor manager. It would be best to have good communication skills, personal management skills, attentiveness, and discipline and patience level for this job. You will be tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the operations of the whole hotel.

Food Management

For this post, you need to complete certifications in food management and introductory hotel management courses. You will get the option of working as head chefs, executive chef, beverage manager, head cook and executive cook. For candidates who are interested in pursuing careers in nutrition, there’s a place here as well.

Event Planning Management

The role of an event planner is highly prevalent in the current scenario. They are hired for corporate events, wedding events and even funeral events. The role of an event manager is to compile every aspect of the event successfully to present a comprehensive program. If you’re seeking a job in this sector, then the positions available are event planner, wedding planner and event manager. Candidates with excellent management and planning skills can become highly successful in this sector.

Front House Management

Without relevant front desk management personnel, it is impossible to run a hotel successfully. Thus this role is undoubtedly an essential one. Some of the significant posts that are available in this role include front desk, concierge and bellhop. They are like the backbone of the hotel industry. If you’re pursuing an internship with a hotel, then applying for these positions will give you an insight into the workings of the hotel.

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