The hotel industry forming an important part of hospitality industry never compromises to reward truly deserving creative and passionate people. If you want to pursue a successful career in hotel as well as hospitality industry, then success literally counts on more than determination.

Here are some sure-shot ways to master success in hotel and hospitality industry.

Part 1 – During Study

  • Taking Internship is a must – Internship provides you the opportunity to get real-time experience of working in a hotel while serving guests to ensure optimal satisfaction.
  • Ensure Guest Satisfaction – Keeping your guest contented and satisfied is the priority. It is the bread and butter of a hotel. If you want to pursue a robust career as a hotel management professional, master the key skill to deal with the guests. Develop basic soft skills to interact with the boarders carefully and politely. Put your best effort to address their requirements and find the best solutions for any issues.
  • Take part in Different Culinary Competitions and Events – Taking part in culinary competitions and events helps to gain practical hands-on experience and develop required expertise.
  • Have a Good Relation with the Faculties – College days are the perfect time to learn your lessons. Be in a good rapport with your faculties as they are the best to help you learning real skill that you need to apply while pursuing your career.

Part 2 – After Getting Placement

  • Remember names of your Guests – Guests really feel special if you call them by name. So it is needed that you remember the name of the guests you are going to deal with. Any reputed Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata teaches their students about this during the training programme.
  • Maintain Proper Body Language – Be careful about your body language. Make direct eye contact, smile nicely – these all are considered to be positive interaction with the people.
  • Show your Gratitude – You must express your gratitude to your guests. Thank them for their stay to make them feel valued and privileged.
  • Be Pleasing over Phone – The key trait of any hotel manager is to smile while they talk to the guests over phone. So your success as a hotel manager also depends on whether or not you are pleasing and cordial to your guests over phone.
  • Ensure an Amiable Welcome – The best way to let your guests feel welcomed is to saying a few warm lines like “Hello Sir/Madam, how was your day?”
  • Allow Pets (if possible) – Many guests prefer to stay in a hotel that offers pet services during their stay.
  • Arrange Recreation for the Kids – Kids are likely to feel bored and nag while they stay with their parents at any hotel. As a successful manager, it will be great if you can arrange some recreational activities and games for the kids to keep them happily busy and recreated.
  • Offer Special Facilities – Regular guests prefer to be offered with free upgrades to a luxury room.
  • Take Care of your Guests’ Choices – Taking care of your valued guests’ preferences help to customise services like favourite snacks/meals and amenity choices. This is something taught by Best Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata. Arrange small celebration for events like wedding anniversary or birthday of the guests.

These are a few things that would help you get great success as a hotel manager.